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Establishing FlairGlass as the Prominent E-Commerce Brand in Glassware

Glass is class and that’s why we created a classy logomark that represents glass and the brand’s core values.
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To revamp brand FlairGlass and showcase its core offerings in the most clear manner.




FlairGlass believes in glass, and everything glass has to offer. And with good reason, glass is one of the oldest, toughest and sustainable materials ever. It is classy and recyclable. With so many advantages, it is ‘the clear choice’. 

Our work involved creating a logomark that represents 3 layers of glass, each representing brand value. The rectangle shape adds balance to the logo, and reflects the raw form of glass. The font “Urbanist” is modern and sophisticated, and also feels authentic and familiar. It’s well suited for the brand essence.

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Logo Refresh

 FlairGlass approached narrative, a branding agency based in Bangalore, to redefine and elevate its brand identity. They wanted to emphasise their commitment to quality, sustainability, and sophistication. FlairGlass stands as a testament to the enduring allure and versatility of glass, embodying its timeless appeal and eco-friendly attributes.

In crafting the brand’s visual identity, as a branding agency we meticulously designed a logomark that symbolizes the essence of Flair Glass, with each layer representing a distinct facet of its brand values.

 The choice of the “Urbanist” font adds a contemporary touch while retaining a sense of authenticity and reliability, perfectly complementing FlairGlass’s ethos. Through thoughtful design and strategic branding, we aimed to communicate FlairGlass’s unparalleled dedication to craftsmanship and excellence in every glass product it offers.

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