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Rebranding Nature inFocus as the Force of Change & Conservation

A thoughtful identity that highlights the two keystone species of their ecosystem - whales and elephants, in blue - a tip to our blue planet


To highlight Nature inFocus’s endeavours to be the voice for change and encourage conservation. 




Nature inFocus’s new identity mirrors their efforts to be a voice for change. Whales that keep the oceans alive and elephants that shape entire landscapes come together in one single frame. 

The colour blue, while inspiring trust and loyalty, is also an ode to the blue planet. Our work involved a thoughtful creation and a classy execution that came together for a message-driven identity.

Scope Of WorkBrand Development

Nature inFocus Productions is dedicated to crafting compelling films that intricately weave together the intricate tapestry of wildlife, biodiversity, and conservation. As the esteemed host of Asia’s premier nature and wildlife festival, Nature inFocus provides an invaluable platform for passionate photographers to showcase their work, exchange knowledge, and advocate for nature conservation.

Our agency undertook the comprehensive branding initiative for Nature inFocus, a journey that spanned from conceptualizing the logo to establishing brand guidelines. The logo itself serves as a powerful visual representation, featuring a harmonious composition of a whale and an elephant against a serene blue backdrop. This symbolic imagery pays homage to the vital roles played by these majestic creatures in preserving our planet’s delicate ecosystems.

The choice of blue, a color synonymous with trust and harmony, further reinforces Nature inFocus’s commitment to safeguarding our blue planet. Through meticulous craftsmanship and a strategic branding approach, our team succeeded in crafting an identity that resonates deeply with the organization’s mission and values, embodying the essence of nature conservation.