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Revamping Rescite’s Brand Identity for the Global Audience

For the driven community of researchers, a logomark that portrays their motivation to ‘Author Expertly’.
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To establish Rescite’s presence in the research community and showcase the advantages of its services




ResCite provides qualified service to help you sail through the challenging final edits of your research paper. Our work focused on the user’s motivation and sentiment to achieve a new level with their research. 

The ambition to be published and recognized for it. Hence, ‘Author Expertly’. The logo is a simple typography unit with a writer’s nib embedded in it. Colors and fonts are professional yet modern and bold.

Scope Of WorkBrand Development

ResCite entrusted us with the task of enhancing its digital presence and establishing itself as a reputable authority within the research community by revamping its branding. As a platform dedicated to elevating research to publication standards, ResCite sought to convey the invaluable benefits of its expert formatting and editing services. 

Our approach centered on capturing the essence of the user experience and understanding the intrinsic motivation and sentiment behind every researcher’s journey toward publication success.

With the tagline “Author Expertly,” our branding aimed to encapsulate the essence of ResCite’s commitment to empowering authors with the tools and expertise needed to navigate the intricate final stages of research paper preparation. 

The logo, characterized by a sleek typography unit embellished with a subtle nod to a writer’s nib, served as a visual representation of ResCite’s blend of professionalism, modernity, and unwavering dedication to excellence. 

Through a harmonious fusion of colors and fonts, we designed a branding that exuded sophistication and boldness while resonating with the target audience’s aspirations for academic achievement and recognition.