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Campaign for Open P-TECH to Drive Certification Program Registrations

Insightful learning begins with an engaging communication that steers the audience and excites them to learn more.
Open P-Tech


To run a campaign that would make graduates aware of the Open P-Tech certification programmes and drive registrations.




IBM’s Open P-Tech is a free online platform that enables digital learning on cutting-edge technology. After extensive research to understand the target audience, we executed the campaign in two phases. 

In the first phase, our work used creatives, videos and effective communication strategies to build awareness across platforms on social media. Live sessions were also curated, following which additional awareness about the courses offered and their benefits were highlighted. Our campaign led to successful registrations, with thousands of young professionals showing interest in the programmes.

Scope Of WorkCampaign Strategy & Communication

We crafted a strategic campaign initiative for Open P-Tech, an innovative platform offered by IBM aimed at providing free digital learning opportunities on leading-edge technologies.

With the objective of raising awareness and driving registrations among graduates, we meticulously crafted a multi-phase campaign strategy tailored to resonate with our target audience.

In the initial phase of our campaign strategy, extensive research was conducted to gain deep insights into the preferences and behaviors of our target demographic. Leveraging this valuable data, we designed compelling creatives, engaging videos, and impactful communication strategies to maximize visibility and generate buzz across various social media platforms. Our campaign strategy also included live sessions to provide firsthand insights and interact with potential participants, further amplifying our reach and engagement.

As the campaign progressed, our campaign strategy shifted to highlighting the diverse range of certification programs offered by Open P-Tech and articulating their tangible benefits to prospective learners. Through a strategic combination of informative content and persuasive messaging, we effectively communicated the value proposition of the platform, driving significant interest and participation.

The success of our campaign was evident in the overwhelming response it garnered, with thousands of young professionals expressing keen interest and registering for the programs offered by Open P-Tech. Our comprehensive campaign strategy for awareness-building and targeted engagement proved instrumental in achieving our campaign objectives and empowering a new generation of learners with valuable digital skills.