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Communication Strategy Highlighting Karnataka’s Prowess in Aerospace & Defence Sector

A communication strategy that showcased the message sky high at Asia's largest air show.
Aero India


To highlight Karnataka’s prowess in the Aerospace & Defence sector and shine a spotlight on key facts, achievements and organisations.



From visual appeal to effective communication, our work at Aero India highlighted the state’s advancements in the aerospace industry. Aero Show has become a global platform for leading industries to participate. 

We devised a communication strategy where Karnataka’s robust aerospace ecosystem was showcased along with its zeal to progress in the space sector. We aimed to create enthusiasm while also sharing relevant information. 

ClientGovt. of Karnataka
Scope Of WorkCampaign Strategy & Communication

​​We, a design agency, undertook the prestigious task of crafting visuals and communication materials for Aero India, the largest air show in Asia held in Bangalore. Tasked to showcase Karnataka’s formidable presence in the Aerospace & Defence sector, our objective was to spotlight the state’s achievements, key facts, and prominent organizations in this domain.

Adopting a strategic approach, we sought to accentuate Karnataka’s remarkable advancements in the aerospace industry, positioning Aero India as a global platform for leading players in the field. Our communication strategy revolved around showcasing the state’s robust aerospace ecosystem, coupled with its unwavering commitment to progress in the space sector.

Through compelling visuals and engaging content, as a design agency, we aimed to evoke enthusiasm among stakeholders while disseminating pertinent information about Karnataka’s aerospace prowess. By highlighting key milestones, we effectively conveyed Karnataka’s significance as a trailblazer in the aerospace arena, thus contributing to the success and visibility of Aero India on the global stage.