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Communication to Portray Pulp Brew as an Instant Healthy Product

Enabling a homegrown healthy smoothie brand to click with its audience – giving it the right buzz, right from the start.
Pulp Brew - Communication and Campaign Strategy


To build a dedicated audience of health enthusiasts for the upcoming smoothie company and build awareness about the product.




Our work with Pulp Brew — a healthy smoothie company, began from its early days. To launch the brand, we came up with the communication – Easier Than Excuses, touching the biggest pain point for people when they embark on their fitness journey. 

Showcasing that the product is so easy, that one will choose it over an excuse, we could reach out to the target audience in the most effective way.

ClientPulp Brew
Scope Of WorkCampaign Strategy & Communication

Pulp Brew, a healthy smoothie brand, approached us to develop a comprehensive brand communication strategy aimed at cultivating a devoted following among health-conscious consumers

With a focus on addressing the common challenge of making healthier choices amidst busy lifestyles, our campaign and brand communication strategy centered around the theme “Easier Than Excuses.” This resonated with individuals seeking convenient yet nutritious options, effectively positioning Pulp Brew as the solution to their wellness goals.

The tagline  “The Good of Greens” encapsulates the essence of Pulp Brew’s commitment to providing wholesome, plant-based nutrition in every sip. This communication line celebrates the vitality and nourishment found in nature’s greens, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to promoting health and wellness through its smoothie offerings.

With vibrant flavors and nutrient-rich ingredients, Pulp Brew invites consumers to embrace the goodness of greens as a delicious and convenient way to fuel their bodies and energize their lives.