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Rediscovering the Joy of Outdoors- A Campaign for Wildcraft

A post-pandemic campaign that highlighted the excitement of stepping out and embracing the new world
Wildcraft Hello Outdoor - Communication and Campaign Strategy


To highlight Wildcraft as the key enabler in finding joy outdoors in a post-pandemic world.



As lockdown relaxed and the holiday season kicked in, Wildcraft wanted to create a campaign that would resonate strongly with people looking to step outside and enjoy a weekend getaway. This was after many months of being indoors, and definitely not like any other time when people stepped out without a worry in the world. 

Our work echoed the audience’s sentiments of excitement and delight while visiting new destinations, all the while showcasing Wildcraft as the key enabler to this celebration.

Scope Of WorkCampaign Strategy & Communication

We worked on a comprehensive campaign and communication strategy for Wildcraft, aimed at positioning the brand as the primary facilitator for rediscovering the joy of outdoor activities in a post-pandemic world. 

The core theme of our strategic communication was encapsulated in the slogan “Hello Outdoor.” Through this campaign, we sought to evoke a sense of excitement, freedom, and connection with nature, encouraging individuals to step outside, explore the wilderness, and embrace the adventures that await them. 

Our goal was to reintroduce Wildcraft as more than just a brand but as a companion on the journey to reconnect with the great outdoors, fostering memorable experiences and meaningful connections along the way. Our strategic communication and creative campaign attainted the objective