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Corporate Film for Gokaldas Exports Highlighting Women’s Contributions

A film curated for Gokaldas that narrates a remarkable story about women in the textile industry, highlighting their significant contribution.

Brief: To showcase the immense contribution that women make to the textile industry and how Gokaldas recognises their mammoth efforts.



Approach: A heartwarming film that encapsulated the essence of the textile industry and shone a spotlight on the many women who bring our clothes to life. Through the film, we see an idea take shape into a garment, which then becomes a fashion statement for many.

ClientHome & Co.
Scope Of WorkIllustration, Logo Design

Our work highlighted the women and the process showcasing how they  cut, hem and weave the idea into the end product. Through the film we gain a new appreciation for their contributions to the textile and fashion industry.

Our creative agency was entrusted with the task of creating a brand film for Gokaldas Exports.

In the corporate film, we delve deep into the intricate world of the textile industry, aiming to illuminate the remarkable contributions of women within this field. 

Through compelling storytelling and captivating visuals, we invite viewers to witness the transformative journey of an idea blossoming into a tangible garment, each stitch a testament to the dedication and skill of the women behind the scenes. From the meticulous cutting of fabric to the delicate art of hemming and weaving, every step in the process is brought to life through this corporate film, underscoring the invaluable role these women play in shaping our fashion landscape.