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A Film Showcasing Dell’s Support for WYN Studio

A film that showcases Dell's impactful support for WYN (What's Your Narrative) and involvement in its growth during a critical period.


To highlight Dell’s involvement with small businesses and how they provide the right technology tailored to the needs of the organisation.



Colourful, vibrant and one which conveys the right story, our videos for Dell Businesses We Love are full of heart. Here, we focus on WYN Studios. Interestingly, they got their name from the age-old question — kahani kya hai or what’s the story? 

Our work managed to capture the essence of WYN while also showing Dell’s involvement in their growth at a critical time. Now, that’s the story!

Scope Of WorkFilmmaking

We crafted an inspiring project for Dell’s Businesses We Love—the film aimed at showcasing Dell’s impactful role in empowering small businesses through tailor-made technology solutions.

In our film, we honed in on the narrative of WYN Studios, a thriving organization whose name derives from the age-old question, “kahani kya hai” or “What’s the story?”

With meticulous attention to detail, our film sought to capture the essence of WYN Studios while simultaneously highlighting Dell’s instrumental support in their growth journey during a pivotal juncture. 

Through compelling storytelling and immersive visuals in the film, we delved deep into the story of WYN Studios, portraying their unique journey, challenges, and triumphs.

From facilitating efficiency and productivity to driving innovation and scalability, Dell’s partnership played a crucial role in propelling WYN Studios toward success.

Overall, our film served as a testament to Dell’s commitment to nurturing and empowering small businesses, underscoring the transformative impact of technology in driving growth, innovation, and sustainability.