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Transitioning Classic Stripes to Naxnova, a Global Design Technology Company

Rebranding, Website Development and Brand Film


Classic Stripes has been a market leader in the decal business for a long time now, and has worked with top brands in the two-wheeler and four-wheeler segments. 

The organisation wanted to move away from a manufacturing to a design, technology, and engineering organisation.

They wanted a brand name and a new brand direction which communicated the above clearly. 



Our approach was to find a unique positioning for the new brand and organisation. 

We believe that spark is the start of any imagination and imagination drives innovation. 

Naxnova is an organisation that empowers people to imagine and make it a reality.

ClientClassic Stripes
Scope of WorkRebranding

Classic Stripes now Naxnova, underwent a strategic rebranding. And, as a first step, we redefined the brand identity, ensuring it reflects their new direction. After several brainstorming sessions, we arrived at the name Naxnova which evokes a sense of innovation and futuristic vision.

The next step in our approach was crafting a logo that is contemporary and the one that encapsulates the forward-thinking essence of the brand. Drawing inspiration from their commitment to excellence, our logo design seamlessly integrated sleek aesthetics with symbolic elements reflective of the brand’s core values.

“Imagine. It’s Possible” was the tagline we crafted which reflects the brand’s belief in the power of imagination and creativity to unlock endless possibilities in design, technology, and engineering. It encourages its audience to dream big and envision transformative solutions. It communicates that the brand will lead the way in shaping the future of its industry.

We then extended our design expertise to develop bespoke stationery that echoed Naxnova’s new visual identity and brand essence.

Furthermore, recognizing the power of visual storytelling, we produced a captivating brand film that showed Naxnova’s capabilities. The brand film enhances the branding by amplifying its impact.

As a part of rebranding, the website was also revamped to showcase the brand’s design capabilities, technological prowess, and engineering expertise.

Overall, rebranding Classic Stripes to Naxnova encompassed a holistic approach spanning several pillars. By leveraging our expertise in branding and creative storytelling, we helped the brand carve out a distinct identity in the competitive landscape.

“Narrative did not just rebrand us, they rewrote our brand story! Their creativity and expertise made the entire experience rewarding” said Salil Musale, the Managing Director of Naxnova, celebrating the brand’s transition.

logo post
naxnova mockup