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2023 – The Highlights 

Here’s what Team narrative was up to in 2023. 

The evolution of paper craft | 2023 - The Highlights - Narrative

2023 unfolded as a promising year for narrative. Throughout the year achieved numerous milestones across our various projects. From ground breaking initiatives to transformative endeavors, each project was a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

As we reflect on the experiences that defined the year, we are filled with gratitude for the abundance of opportunities and growth that came our way

Take a look at all the exciting work that has come our way:

Creative Partner For Aero India

We designed the creative assets, communication, and campaign strategy for Aero India, the largest air show in Asia which happens in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Our team meticulously crafted a captivating visual identity, ensuring that every element reflected the grandeur and significance of this prestigious event.

The strategy spotlighted Karnataka’s thriving aerospace ecosystem unveiling its robust infrastructure. We took charge of designing the overarching campaign strategy integrating various elements to elevate the show’s reach and impact. Our approach aimed not just for visibility but for resonance, creating a memorable and immersive experience that mirrored the awe-inspiring nature of Aero India.

Invest Karnataka | 2023 - The Highlights - Narrative

Website Design & Development For Gokaldas

Gokaldas, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of apparel in India, approached us for website design and development. Our efforts were to make the website as stylish as their apparel. The focus was also on easy navigation, readability, and conveying a clear understanding of their work and achievements.

Redefining inclusivity from within | 2023 - The Highlights - Narrative

We aimed to balance aesthetics and functionality perfectly and delivered a high-functional website.

Campaign Creatives For Vestas 

Throughout the year, we worked on creating assets for four global campaigns on health, environment, and safety.  Our focus was on developing visually compelling posters, each meticulously adapted into multiple languages to resonate with diverse audiences across Vestas offices worldwide. Embracing a minimalist approach, the posters used a visual approach to highlight topics such as water conservation, safety measures, steps for mental and physical health, and environmental conservation.

The visuals did all the talking, creating the necessary impact and encouraging action. 

Our planet , our responsibility | 2023 - The Highlights - Narrative

Brand Development of Rescite

Rescite provides quality writing, editing, and formatting services for researchers. It makes their research publish-worthy. From the initial stage of conceptualization to the final execution stage, our team meticulously crafted a brand narrative that authentically represents Rescite’s company values, ethos, and unique offerings,

Make your research | 2023 - The Highlights - Narrative

Our journey begins with a deep dive into market research, where we analyze industry trends, study competitor strategies, and uncover insights that shape our approach. Armed with this invaluable knowledge, we embark on a collaborative journey of ideation and innovation, brainstorming ideas and refining concepts until we unearth the perfect narrative that encapsulates Rescite’s core values

As we step into a new year, we carry forward the invaluable experiences and the collective pride of having achieved new milestones and worked with new industries. 

Here’s to the continued pursuit of excellence and the anticipation of even greater achievements in the chapters that lie ahead!

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