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Communication and Campaign Strategy
GOK website - Communication and Campaign Strategy

Positioning Karnataka as an Innovation & Tech Leader

Positioning Karnataka as India's innovation & technology leader at a global stage in Davos 2024.

Establishing Karnataka As a Hub for Sustainable Growth

Showcasing Karnataka’s industrial prowess at the landmark investment event - Invest Karnataka 2022, Global Investors Summit.
Wildcraft Hello Outdoor - Communication and Campaign Strategy

Rediscovering the Joy of Outdoors- A Campaign for Wildcraft

A post-pandemic campaign that highlighted the excitement of stepping out and embracing the new world
Open P-Tech

Campaign for Open P-TECH to Drive Certification Program Registrations

Insightful learning begins with an engaging communication that steers the audience and excites them to learn more.
Aero India

Communication Strategy Highlighting Karnataka’s Prowess in Aerospace & Defence Sector

A communication strategy that showcased the message sky high at Asia's largest air show.
Pulp Brew - Communication and Campaign Strategy

Communication to Portray Pulp Brew as an Instant Healthy Product

Enabling a homegrown healthy smoothie brand to connect with its audience through effective communication #narrative