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Craft a brand message that your audience will love: here’s how

Brand Message

A brand without voice is like macaroni without cheese- Erin Butler Woolf.

Now, isn’t that true? The essence of the brand is destroyed without a voice, a voice that is worth enjoying like cheese! So, what can a brand do to enhance its essence?

Let us first understand what exactly a brand message is.


Brand messaging is how your brand speaks to your audience. It is as simple as conveying your unique value proposition but doing it effectively. Brand messages can have different tones- quirky, expert, friendly, sophisticated, etc. Example: Vodafone set a quirky tone for quite some time using ZooZoos. Zoozoos take all of us down memory lane just at the mention of it and put a smile on our faces. ZooZoos are animated characters that Vodafone used effectively to make their brand memorable. Brands can also use funny words, emojis, or humorous taglines to take the funny route.

To make your brand sound sophisticated, include professional words and use a diplomatic tone. 

If you are feeling stuck crafting your brand’s message, here is a framework that will help you do it effectively:


  1. Know who you are:

Yes, that’s the first step to crafting your brand’s message. Before you create the brand message for your audience, analyze the following things so that they care to “look at you”:

  • What is your unique value proposition?
  • What are your differentiators?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Will they like the planned tone of your message?
  • What are your company values?

You will be surprised to know that 94% of consumers say they recommend brands they have an emotional connection with. This significant percentage should drive you to craft a brand message that is strategic as well as one that people should be able to relate to.

  1. Know your audience:

A buyer’s persona is the best way to identify what your customers want and how you can cater to their needs.

Example: Meredith who is in her early 20s and just graduated is an avid traveler and she loves to go on adventurous trips. She likes to explore new places but wants to stay in places that are budget-friendly. Meredith is on almost all social media platforms and would love good deals.

This persona clearly shows that Meredith would like a good deal on her stay and promotional deals are a good way to engage her on social media.

Buyer’s person helps you HOW to talk to your customers.

  1. Define your Unique Value Proposition

A unique value proposition is what makes your brand unique. When your audience looks at your brand, it answers the question “Why should I choose this brand”. UVP can be pricing, features, customer services, etc. It is more than just listing the things that your brand can offer. A UVP should clearly communicate how your brand can offer the promises made.

For the ones using Grammarly, you already know that your writing is simplified which is also what their UVP is-

Great Writing Simplified

The UVP is clear with them and they deliver what they promise which is what makes them unique.
Therefore, ensure your UVP is something your audience will easily remember.

  1. Define communication guidelines

While your communication guidelines will have a list of things that can be done, it should also establish a set of rules to be followed, such as:

  • Prohibited terms
  • Recommended terms
  • The tone of voice
  • How to refer to the public
  • Pronunciation of product names
  • The spelling of product names

Brand guidelines will ensure that the communication is precise and consistent and hence generate quicker brand awareness.

  1. Test and Learn

As you have your brand messaging strategy come to life, eventually you’ll be able to benchmark your progress against your brand’s historical performance.

Gather a meaningful amount of information and analyze it. Nail down what’s working and apply that learning to your new strategy.

Crafting a brand message that resonates with your audience is an art that blends authenticity, empathy, and strategic communication. By understanding your audience’s needs, values, and aspirations, you can tailor your message to strike a chord with them.

Consistency across all touchpoints, clarity in communication, and a genuine connection will fortify your brand’s identity in the hearts and minds of your audience.

A brand message is not just a statement; it is an ongoing conversation that builds your brand.

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